Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TX Enterprises - February's Featured Producer

Congratulations to Charley and Amy Thomas' TX Enterprises for being Cowbuyer.com featured producer for February Featured Producer. Charley and Amy operate a cattle and grain operation in Winston Salem, NC. They also have breed and work Red & Blue Heelers on their operation. They had a new litter of puppies born in January. Below is more information about their operation. Also check out their website at http://www.showsteers.com/TX%20Enterprises/index.htm and make sure you tell them you saw them on WWW.COWBUYER.COM!

TX Enterprises is a cattle and grain operation. The cattle segment is comprised mainly of commercial cattle. We utilize a cross of Red Simmental and Red Angus. Some of the better halfbloods are mated to Shorthorn for show calves. We do have a handful of quality registered Simmentals and Red Angus. At TX Enterprises we strive for the usual efficiency traits but with an extra focus on disposition and style. Bad tempered cattle are not tolerated and will not be sold to other breeders or youth exhibitors. The registered cows are run with the commercial with the same minimal inputs. The greatest majority of the calves produced are marketed off the farm. Some of these going for breeding stock while others are junior projects. All the steers are finished out in feedlot for freezer beef. The only exception are those individuals lucky enough to be selected for show steers. As a sideline we have bred and trained “real farm” working cattle dogs. Our dogs have made it in many states across the nation, with one of our more popular dogs being at Silvertowne Farms in Indiana. Another addition which has seemed to mesh very well with the other operations is our flock of free range chickens. We utilize Brahmas for their durability and docile nature. The eggs are marketed locally. Unexpectedly this flock of chickens adopted a fledgling turkey last summer that has now taken up permanent residence.
Again Congrats to TX Enterprises. Whether you are looking for show steers and heifers, replacement females, bulls or freezer beef, TX Enterprises has something for you.



Friday, January 29, 2010

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year....New Features

Welcome 2010. I hope everyone had a blessed 2009. Here at www.cowbuyer.com, we want to do anything we can in 2010 to make your operation more profitable. To help do that, over the course of the year we will be rolling out several new features to the website. We will continue to have online auctions starting back with the Cowbuyer Vol. III Sale in February. Check the site soon for the date, catalog and more info on that sale.

Other features are in the works for both purebred and commercial producers. Whether you are selling registered bulls and replacement females to marketing you cattle individually at the stockyard, to the truck load to order buyers and feedyards, we have new features to help put more $ in your pocket this year and years to come.

Check back soon for details on those programs and more.